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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to bring our own bags or containers for apple picking?

No all picking must be done in OUR CONTAINERS. No backpacks or large pocketbooks allowed. All bags and persons are subject to search.
Anyone caught picking items that do not fit in our containers will be charged a fee determined by us. Extra apples picked that do not fit inside the bag will be charged by the pound.

Are you dog friendly?

Yes we are dog friendly and do allow dogs in both the farm stand and the orchard, but we do ask that you keep them on a leash and please clean up after them. We do ask that you also keep them away from our goats and sheep, as they tend to scare easily.

Are you certified organic?

No we are not a certified organic orchard or farm, as we do have to spray our apples. However many of the sprays that we use on the apples contain things like fish oils, calcium, lime and other USDA approved sprays for farming.
Our greens and veggies are au natural.

Are you Handi-capped accessible?

Our driveway is good for wheel chairs and walkers but walking into the orchard is not ideal for wheel chairs and walkers. They could potentially pick apples from the first rows but it is not highly recommended.


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